MHDS 2021

This year we have 85 preschoolers (some of them in this picture) and 100 Class 1 and Class 2 students (ages 6-7) walking 14km every school day. We can definitely use another classroom close to our community. And during the rainy season the walking students need rain boots and warm sweaters. Many of the preschoolers need uniforms.

Children walking 14km round trip a day in cold rainy weather need warm clothing and rain boots.

Girls and boys singing about ending FGM/C at the annual Student Celebration in late December. Celebrations cost about $300/year

A girl on left side tells how proud she is that her parents sent her to school and the benefits from education. A girl on the right side tells how she wishes she has an education and wants to avoid early marriage

Six special Maasai ladies wearing special shukas for a special occasion: Student Celebration. These are Maasai Harmonial's two medical interpreters and four craft leaders. They helped impress some visiting VIPs.